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1. Added "Send via Email" function. This starts the default email program and opens "New Message" window with message file already attached. 2. The Main Application: added new "Open" button to simplify facsimile message preparation. 3. With the same purpose, added "Documents" group in the file selection window. This option filters the most commonly used document file types (*.doc, *.rtf, *.txt, *.xls, *.pdf). 4. Added call discrimination (adaptive answer) mode. A detected call ring can be transferred to an awaiting application, such as the Windows Remote Access Server (RAS). 5. Added "Switch to remote control mode immediately after answering a call" parameter. 6. The Scheduler: added new "Purge Outbox" button. Clicking this button makes the program to search the Outbox for files with no records assigned both in the Scheduler and in the Log Book. Such files can be deleted or moved to the special "Orphaned" folder. 7. Special icon will appear near phone number on the display if a calling card is used for long distance calls. Clicking this icon temporarily disables a calling card use. 8. Added new /td: command line option. Starting the program with this option, for example ventafax.exe /td:1234567, forces immediate dialing of 1234567 number. This command is similar to "Dial the number" button on the fax set. 9. Added "Tip of the Day" window. 10. Added new function to VentaFax uninstall program. Now you can restore default program settings, as well as program group and shortcuts. 11. Clicking on VentaFax Engine Icon in the System Tray now pops up application menu. 12. Script Editor: added syntax check mode. 13. Script Editor: added script tracing mode. During tracing process, you can imitate tone commands input and watch the results.

ventafax 7 0 keygen 11




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