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Plastic Esthetic Periodontal And Implant Surgery Otto Zuhr Marc Hurzeler Pdf

High-power magnification requiring a surgical microscope is rarely necessary in the oral surgical procedures performed today. The dimensions of most standard microsurgical instruments and sutures, particularly those used in periodontal and implant surgery, require only 4.5X to 6X magnification. Therefore, standard loupe systems provide sufficient magnification in the majority of cases.

Plastic Esthetic Periodontal And Implant Surgery Otto Zuhr Marc Hurzeler Pdf

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Within the scope of modern periodontal therapy, pocket elimination can still make sense in areas outside the esthetic zone if periodontal regeneration is not possible. Classical interventions like tunneling procedures, root amputation or hemisection have not died out but are still used to treat furcation-involved molars. In fact, not that it is becoming more and more evident that patients with a history of periodontitis have an increased risk of developing peri-implant diseases, these techniques are undergoing a renaissance and are more current than ever. Last but not least: up to date restorative dentistry would not be imaginable without resective periodontal surgery in situations where subgingival restoration margins cannot be managed by other methods. Fortunately, the radical approaches used in the 1960s and 1970s do not have much in common with the state-of-the art techniques performed today.

For this reason, this module is dedicated to surgical procedures at the border to other dental disciplines, like orthodontic implant placement or gingival augmentation before and after orthodontic treatment, pontic site development or esthetic crown lengthening before prosthetic treatment or papilla reconstruction in combination with restorative dentistry. Furthermore, it will touch on important connections, for example, endo-perio lesions, gingival alignment and defect augmentation by orthodontic tooth movement, closure of black triangles with interdental composite restorations after periodontal therapy, prosthetic concepts in periodontally compromised dentitions and, most importantly, sustainable strategies during regular maintenance care. Last but not least, this course is about communication, timing, treatment planning and team-building as the final steps towards becoming a true master clinician in periodontology and implant dentistry.

In this book, the authors provide the first comprehensive overview of the basic principles, indications and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery.

Zuhr, O., Rebele, S. F., Cheung, S. L., Hurzeler, M. B., Research Group on Oral Soft Tissue, B., & Wound, H. (2018). Surgery without papilla incision: tunneling flap procedures in plastic periodontal and implant surgery. Periodontol 2000, 77(1), 123-149. Retrieved from doi:10.1111/prd.12214

Zuhr, O., Akakpo, D. L., & Hurzeler, M. (2017). Wound closure and wound healing. Suture techniques in contemporary periodontal and implant surgery: Interactions, requirements, and practical considerations. Quintessence Int, 647-660. Retrieved from doi:10.3290/j.qi.a38706

Negri, B., Zuhr, O., Fickl, S., Ciurana, X. R., Navarro Martinez, J. M., & Blanco, V. M. (2016). Socket seal surgery: Clinical uses in implant dentistry and guided bone regeneration procedures for single tooth replacement in the esthetic zone. Quintessence Int, 47(2), 123-139. Retrieved from doi:10.3290/j.qi.a34455

Zuhr, O., Baumer, D., & Hurzeler, M. (2014). The addition of soft tissue replacement grafts in plastic periodontal and implant surgery: critical elements in design and execution. J Clin Periodontol, 41 Suppl 15, S123-142. Retrieved from doi:10.1111/jcpe.12185

Zuhr, O., Rebele, S. F., Thalmair, T., Fickl, S., & Hurzeler, M. B. (2009). A modified suture technique for plastic periodontal and implant surgery--the double-crossed suture. Eur J Esthet Dent, 4(4), 338-347. Retrieved from

In this stunning book, the authors blend scientific knowledge and practical experience to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, indications, and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery, focusing especially on minimal soft tissue trauma and maximally perfect wound closure. Microsurgery provides clinically relevant advantages over conventional macrosurgical concepts for regenerative and plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery, especially in the all-important esthetic zone. The microsurgical principles and procedures presented in the book are explained step-by-step in meticulously illustrated case examples with large, exquisite images. Each case example also includes an illustrated armamentarium of the materials and instruments necessary for the practical implementation of the microsurgical procedure. The book concludes with instructions on how to manage all major complications for each procedure. Every periodontist will benefit from the techniques and considerations explained in this landmark text.

Akshay Kumarswamy: Having pioneered microscopic periodontal plastic surgery (PPS), what according to you is the ideal magnification that one should start with to do periodontal plastic surgery?

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