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Where Can I Buy Revolution Flea Treatment For Cats

Did you know that most flea treatments contain industrial agricultural pesticides? Not Revolution. Revolution contains selamectin which is unique in that it has been specifically designed for cats and dogs.

where can i buy revolution flea treatment for cats

Revolution Flea Control for CatsRevolution is a topical treatment that protects cats from multiple parasites, such as fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites. This monthly spot-on solution controls and prevents deadly heartworm infections. Revolution is a waterproof formula that not only prevents heartworms but also protects cats from harmful intestinal worm infections and Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

If the dog or cat is already infested with fleas when the first dose of Revolution is administered, adult fleas on the animal are killed and no viable fleas hatch from eggs after the first administration. However, an environmental infestation of fleas may persist for a short time after beginning treatment with Revolution because of the emergence of adult fleas from pupae.

Revolution is a topical parasiticide that is applied to the skin of dogs six weeks of age and older and cats eight weeks of age and older to kill adult fleas and prevent flea eggs from hatching, prevent heartworm disease and protect your pet against other parasites (see below).

Revolution kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. You may occasionally see a few fleas on dogs or cats treated with Revolution but more than 98% of adult fleas are killed within 36 hours.

Dogs aren't the only pets who need to be protected from harmful parasites throughout the course of their lives. Cats can contract fleas, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and ear mites in the same way dogs can, and the risks are the same. Pet owners of both are lucky that there's been so many advances in veterinary care over the years, and there are many different medications that can be used to eliminate these parasites and prevent them from re-establishing themselves. Revolution (aka Stronghold) is one of them, and it's popular because it's a spot-on topical flea killer for cats that's applied once a month and is proven effective.

Ideally, this topical flea medication for cats should start to be administered one month before fleas become active during flea season. When administered most ideally, Revolution for cats has been shown to kill 98% of fleas within 36 hours.

As mentioned, anyone wondering where to buy Revolution for cats will be pleased to know that ordering discounted pet medication online from Canada is a viable option for getting the meds you pet needs at the very best prices. Total Pet Supply has supplier agreements and other advantages that allow them to offer those types of prices for Revolution for cats. Another reason to make TPS the answer for where to buy Revolution for cats? How about any of these:

Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your pet from heartworms, fleas, and ear mites. It also protects dogs from ticks and sarcoptic mange and cats from roundworms and hookworms.

Choosing safe and effective flea prevention for cats can be tricky. Decades ago, options for killing fleas were limited and toxic. Today, many safe and effective flea control products are available by prescription or over the counter (OTC).

Cats that go outside are more likely to pick up fleas, but even indoor cats can get them from the family dog or when they go to the veterinarian or a boarding facility. Fleas can even hitchhike indoors on your clothes or shoes. If your cat has fleas, you want to get rid of them quickly. A severe flea infestation can seriously damage a cat's skin, induce an allergic reaction, or cause anemia from blood loss. Fleas can also spread parasites like tapeworms and may transmit diseases.

For this guide to the best flea prevention for cats, we conducted research using the quick product reference guide published by the independent, nonprofit Companion Animal Parasite Council and consulted four veterinarians.

A word of caution: Before choosing flea medicine for your cat, talk to your veterinarian. They can advise you on what might be best depending on your cat's temperament, lifestyle, and what parasites they're most at risk for contracting in your area. Read product labels very carefully. No matter what product you choose, never use one labeled for dogs. A product for dogs can make cats extremely sick, and in some cases, it can be fatal.

Revolution Plus Topical Solution is hands down the most complete parasite preventive for cats. It kills adult fleas before they can lay eggs and prevents heartworms. It also treats and controls ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and black-legged (deer), Gulf Coast, and American dog ticks.

"The really exciting thing about flea control is there are always new developments in how we can make them better and safer and more effective," says Dr. Ashley Bourgeois, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist at Animal Dermatology Clinic. Bourgeois prefers Revolution Plus, saying that its active ingredients (selamectin and sarolaner) are very effective and well-tolerated by cats.

Dr. Keith Harper, a veterinarian at Hayward Veterinary Hospital, also likes Revolution Plus. "It's one of the most effective topical flea preventions on the market," he says. "I'm a fan of Bravecto as well; it's a longer-lasting flea prevention, effective against fleas and ticks." Bravecto contains fluralaner, which is in the same drug class as selamectin and sarolaner; it is also very effective and well-tolerated by cats. However, it doesn't control as many parasites and can't be given to kittens under 6 months of age.

Comfortis Chewable Tablets are fast-acting and good for cats that can't tolerate topical flea preventives. Spinosad, the active ingredient in Comfortis, starts to work within 30 minutes and kills 98% of adult fleas within four hours.

Although topical flea control products are typically easier to use (no need to convince your cat to swallow a pill), there are some cases when an oral preventive is a better choice. For instance, some cats with sensitive skin can't tolerate a spot-on treatment. "Comfortis is one of the ones I like," Harper says. "It's harder to get the cat to take an oral product, but if you can manage it, it's a pretty effective oral flea medication. It's strictly and solely for fleas."

Comfortis is one of two oral flea control products available for cats; the other is Capstar Flea Control Tablets. Unlike Capstar, which kills fleas for only 24 hours, Comfortis protects cats against fleas for an entire month. However, Comfortis is not safe for kittens younger than 14 weeks old, while Capstar is safe for kittens as young as 4 weeks old.

With heavily infested cats, especially young kittens, it's important to eliminate fleas as quickly as possible. The active ingredient in Capstar, nitenpyram, works within 30 minutes and kills more than 90% of adult fleas in as little as six hours.

While topical and oral preventives are the easiest and most effective form of flea control, there are instances when the Seresto collar might be a good option. Dr. Colleen Sawyer, a veterinarian at Rolesville Veterinary Hospital, says the collar may be a good choice for people who forget to give their cats monthly treatments. She also likes it for cats who can't tolerate topical flea products and resist taking pills. Bourgeois says the Seresto collar might also be a good choice for cats that roam outside often and whose owners don't see them consistently.

The collar is nongreasy, odor-free, lightweight, and adjustable for cats of all sizes. Your cat can wear it alongside their existing collar. If the flea collar catches on something, your cat can free itself thanks to a two-step safety system.

When shopping for flea medication for your pet, we recommend evaluating them using the same standards we applied to our top picks. As always, it's best to talk to your vet before beginning any treatment.

Number of parasites treated: Flea preventives that treat additional parasites are ideal. Generally, the more parasites a preventive product covers, the higher we rated it. Among our recommendations, the exceptions are Capstar, the only treatment available for kittens younger than 8 weeks, and our OTC pick, Frontline Plus, which treats fleas, ticks, and lice.

There is no treatment for cats with adult heartworms, and they will eventually die from the infection. Veterinarians recommend using a year-round heartworm preventive for all cats, whether they live indoors or out. They also recommend year-round intestinal parasite prevention. For these reasons, prescription flea control products that prevent heartworms and other parasites are the best choice for your cat. The more parasites you can prevent with one treatment, the better off your cat will be.

Natural vs. synthetic: All three veterinarians we consulted do not recommend natural products, as they do not work nearly as well as topical and oral flea control products. "They are just not proven to be really effective," says Bourgeois. "My biggest concern with natural products is, even if they're safe, if they're not effective, that's not helping our pets." If you're considering using natural flea control products that contain essential oils, exercise caution because some essential oils can be toxic to cats.

To find the best flea treatments for cats, we referred to the quick product reference guide published by the independent, nonprofit Companion Animal Parasite Council. This handy reference includes all FDA- and EPA-approved parasite control products for small animals. It lists each product's active ingredients, how to use the product, and which parasites it controls.

For additional expertise on preventing and treating fleas in cats, we consulted with three veterinarians: Dr. Ashley Bourgeois, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist with the Animal Dermatology Clinic in Portland, Oregon; Dr. Herman Jeffer, a veterinarian with Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital in Durham, North Carolina; Dr. Keith Harper, a veterinarian at Hayward Veterinary Hospital in Hayward, California; and Dr. Colleen Sawyer, a veterinarian with Rolesville Veterinary Hospital in Rolesville, North Carolina. Our veterinary experts did not specifically endorse any of the products included in this guide unless explicitly mentioned in direct quotes. 041b061a72


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