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Portable Chemdraw

"The launch of ChemDraw and Chem3D technology in a mobile form is a major milestone in the field of scientific computing," said Michael Stapleton, Vice President and General Manager, Informatics at PerkinElmer. "As the global leader in chemical drawing, we can now provide all chemists - from research scientists to high school students - with cost effective, portable and accessible applications that capture and share their moments of inspiration. Now everyone, from relative newcomers to the most experienced chemists, can quickly sketch and save ideas and then easily share them, bringing the power of PerkinElmer's ChemDraw and Chem3D technology to the fingertips of researchers."

Portable Chemdraw


The main thrust of ChemFinder 5 development was to rewrite the core databasefunctionality. We are now using Microsoft DAO classes instead of the less-capable ODBC.New ChemFinder classes were developed to handle tables and stored queries in a uniformway. The structure-specific portions of the storage and search code were extracted into acompact, portable, documented library. Code was cleaned and tightened everywhere.

Chemical Draw ACD/ChemSketch 2015 advanced chemical drawing tool BIOVIA Draw 4.2 chemically intelligent drawing package Marvin Java based chemical drawing tool ChemFormatter 2.0.0 add-in program for Microsoft Office. ChemFormatter automatically applies font styles in a chemical document. Chemistry 4-D Draw 8.0.2 Demo chemistry program combining the most advanced technologies in structure drawing. ChemDraw Ultra 15.0 Trial the software used by scientists to draw structures JChemPaint 3.3.1210 an editor for 2D molecular structures. TinkerCell 20120608 A free and open-source computer-aided design (CAD) software for synthetic biology. WinDrawChem 1.6.2 Freeware two-dimensional molecule drawing program. ChemDoodle 7.0.2 A fully functional chemical drawing application ChemicPen 2.6 Easy to use software for drawing 2D chemical formulae and reactions. WinPLT 7.1.19 A program for drawing chemical structures. BKChem 0.14.0-pre2 Free, portable, and open-source structure drawing program. KegDraw 0.1.14b Java application for drawing compound and glycan structures. JSME 20150614 A Java applet which allows to draw / edit molecules and reactions JChem for Office 15.6.1500 The plugin to integrate structure handling and visualizing capabilities within Office. Zem 0.3 Zeden's Editor of Molecules Chem4Word b5 Chemistry Add-in for Word

Fully searchable by structure and text, scientists can use this suite of programs to collect all the information they need quickly with the user friendly interface and organize it the best way for purpose, say for example, for a lecture, then save it to a jump drive to take with them. The advantage of paper notebooks and journals is that they are portable but losing them can be a disaster. With the electronic notebook, there is an added benefit that all the work taken out of the laboratory is still safely stored in the laboratory.

For standard LATEX with dvips, graphics files must be in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format: this has been the publishing industry standard for portable graphics for many years, and no other format will work portably in standard LATEX.4

The Gastro+ Gastrolyzer device is a hand-held portable hydrogen monitor, for quick and easy breath analysis. GastroCHART software manages study with automatic countdown timers which prompts and manages the complete study. Automatic charting to aid in interpretation and analysis of patient results and built in protocols for various studies with the ability to customize them.

NextGen LOGIQ e R7 portable high performance digital laptop ultrasound system with additional Linear Array Probes. The LOGIQView software renders a panoramic image up to 60cm for ligaments, tendons and muscles in long axis. It also allows you to see a wider field of view for comparing normal to abnormal anatomy.

The LIVEBOOK GFX LE Laptop from AJT SYSTEMS is a portable graphics solution for your NDI-based broadcasts. It features scoreboard integration, StatCrew integration, Full HD animation scorebug graphics, and insert graphics. The LIVEBOOK GFX SportApps provide uniquely featured miniboards and preview window. The score bug uses a full motion animation and supports a preview channel, transitions for On/Off air, show messages, score change, sponsors, and more.


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