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3D-Coat 4.0 BETA10 X86 X64 2

Changes:20.12.2014 4.5.BETA1- PBR & Smart PBR materials introduced.- a lot of bugfixes. 25.10.2014 4.1.17C - Tweak room select works correctly- Topo symm works correctly, it copies regardless on previous stamp mode usage 19.09.2014 4.1.17- multithreading problems fixed in ppp painting - so it will work much faster (strokes, layers visibility etc)- Paint room text tool aliasing problem fixed (but still needs some work even if become much better)- Put picture along curve correctly works with opacity in depth channel- swap YZ completely implemented in al tools (including axis and arrows colors). So Z-up mode should work correcty now.13.09.2014 4.1.16- Constructor tool enabled. It was developed previously but was not open to everyone. This is lego/minecraft style of cell modeling - mainly aimed to children. Together with symmery, pose and wrapping it may help in "serious" modeling as well.- RMB controls radius in more predictable way in 2d texture editor- Swap YZ option in preferences (to work with editors that has Z - axis - up) globally exchanges Y and Z everywhere (in dialogs, naming etc)- Tapering tweaked - pressure at the end of curve will be used even after the end of tapering length. In this way tapering may be use to start strokes smoothly regardless on initial "pen strike".- Rapid brush tweaked to work closer to previous version but bake advantage from newer approach. This is done to preserve compatibility with presets.Paint room curves fixed:- rmb controls radius correctly in both - 3d and 2d modex- fixed problem of incorrect normal in some cases of windows configuration (blocking problem)- rmb click toggles hardness6.08.2014 4.1.15- Tapering introduced! Look icon near the radius control.- Fixed major bug related to symmetry & presets "desease".- Lag after stroke fixed, Undo speeded up. This should improve sculpting experience greatly.- "Frame" correct.- Symmetry copy problem solved.- Rapid/Claws corrected to be less bumpy (but still rigid).- "Apply" overrides Enter in all tools- Rotate along stroke/strips does not lead to initial round spot in some tools.- Layer blending popup polished31.08.2014 4.1.14- Quick access to layer's blending options - hover layer, press small triangle that appears on the right.- "Rotate along stroke" tuned to avoid trajectory twisting, many surface brushes got trjectory improvement that should lead to more predictble sculpting.- Retopo with symmetry improved . Points will be automatically snapped and weld to the symmetry plane. It is especially important in non-virtual mirror mode.- slide edges correctly works with non-virtual symmetry- Splinestroke E mode works correctly with multiple strokes - no more random dots.- Set of problems related to fill/ fill with freeze fixed in vertex paint mode.23.08.2014 4.1.13- New retopo tool - scale. It scales clusters individually. Bewel, select sharp edges got better dialog and realtime preview.- Fixed a lot of problems related to symmetry. Clone with symmetry problem solved.- Fixed problem of "Simple" triangulation, compatibility presets tweaked. I still need help in 3D-Max compatibility.- Better support of highpoly meshes import via File->Import for vertex painting. It works faster and requires less memory.- Import images as mesh supports tiff-s17.08.2014- normalmapping standartized. Presets for normalmapping introduced. It is in preferences, inport dialog, normalmap import dialog.It was big inversigatoon - usually software vendort does not whare methods of calculation of tangent space. So I was testing and checkng a lot. Now need your help to create presets itself. Especially I have problems with 3D-Max. If someone wants to help to create preset - please drop me mail to support. I need help with Modo.I also discovered that in most cases 3D packages not woring corectly with normalmaps/tangentspace. Even in best case (baked in maya, rendered in maya) it will not show completely correctly. But in 3D-Coat it will show correctly! We tested Maya, Unity, both have problems in shaders.- We moved to FBX SDK 2015, solved a lot of different FBX export/import problems.- Normals/Tangentspace will be exported together with FBX, but in Maya you will need smooth normals from menu to show perfectly. Unity catches all well without additional actions (except it's own internal probems that we may not solve).- Retopo menu split in 2 parts - Retopo and Bake.- Text/hints refined3.08.2014 4.1.11- Symmetry polished to work in all modes.- Symmetry dialog is now popup and dockable.- Step symmetry- Split tool fixed- Blending modes corrected for better compatibility with PS- opacity of layer transferred correctly from PS to 3DC- Tangent space/triangulation options introduced into Preferences. This requires some additional work to understand what setting are best for each external software. I will publih test files very soon to check on different software.- a lt of mantis problems fixed.24.07.2014 4.1.10A- Symmetry finished in good beta stage. All tools supported.- presets support symmetry (optionally)- primitives history store symmetry as well- pose tool got 3d lasso support- one baking problem fixed - sometimes after baking, saving and re-opening scene tangent space was different and seams appeared. I need your help in testing this change -Plese set Preferences->Local space normalisation to Normalize T by B, bake scene, open object with normalmap in your favorite modeler/renderthen set the value to Normalize B by T, re-bake, open in modeler/render as well. Where the quaity is better (I mean sems and normals quality).13.07.2014 4.1.10- general case of symmetry introduced. All tools but Autopo support new symmetry. Autopo support for miltiple mirrors expeted in next build.- fixed gizmo problem in transform tool.- fixed stamp mode problem in vxelmode.20.06.2014 4.1.09C- fixed retopo FBX crash- fixed problem that was breaking pipeline Voxels->Retopo, Bake with triangulation->Exort.Final object was not triangulated.- autopo dialog problems fixed.18.06.2014 4.1.09A- Merge, curves text parameters stored in History window as well.- Rect/Ellipse E - modes may become square if 'Q' pressed (may be changed in settings)- fixed a lot of scripting bugs, manual updated15.06.2014 4.1.09- Chiesel/Flattern brushes tuned a lot. Now they easyly produce flat surfac even undr aggressive sculpting. It hould work much more prodictable. Changes was done under gudance of on russian artist.- Primitives history window. It keeps history of primitives usage (Windows->Primitives history). It opens way to nondestructive modeling. Further I will add curves, merge, cutoff and possibly stroking history.- problem of curves preview wnen node scaled fixed. RMB & drag will scale node, RMB click will toggle sharpness (for uniformity with other curve-like tools)- UV-sets names correceted - if symbl like : happens there - it will be replaced with _ to be able to export textures correctly.- Scripts will not be paused on inactive windows- Scripts updated a bit - naming in comboboxes changed a bit for getting unique identifiers, some functions related to uv selection introduced, command line accessing.- Fixed Undo in UV/Retopo - no more switching to zero UV set after Undo- Hardsurface autopo disabled if voxelize turned ON in AUTOPO dialog.- fixed crash in UV room -> Hide. Hide/invert hide/unhide different problems fixed.24.05.2014 4.1.08- Chiesel/flattern got improvement - much more predictble trajectory and better quality. Normals sampling got better algorithm - nrmals are sampled along trajectory, non in just end spot.- Noise tool introduced in surface mode with realtime preview and infinite details. Pay special attention to anisotropic mode. It is good for natural stones. In Normal mode it is good planet generator. This tool is only initial iteration for future noise tool, node editor expected there.- Vertical lathe curve- ui in primitives polished a bit (tooltips, icons).- fixed very important problem that was happening sometimes (mostly depending on computer and OS, most frequent on Win 8.1) that was causing strokes screwing.18.05.2014 4.1.07B- realtime preview for Textures->Adjust->... Multithreading optimisation applied to adjust operations.- Improved interaction with photoshop in case of mirrored UV sets - you may paint on both of mirrored sides and they will be merged correctly.- copy clay updated - but still in very beta stage. Pay attendion to bend->Laplacian- Hints over primitives restored- Res+ in surface mode subdivides whole mesh8.05.2014 4.1.07- dragging layer inside layers folder works correctly- ALT+layer click works correctly- stamp mode in paint room and Texture->Apply-> works correctly now with multiple volumes (stated by artman, but it seems to be longstanding problem)- VoxTree RMB -> Put on ground, Lay on ground (Object will be moved and rotated to get physically stable position on the ground.)- found and fixed retopo merging problems - one crash and one major slowdown while merging retopo -> paint room. Last one - longstanding problem, relatively highpoly meshes from retopo room was producing huge lags while merging in paint room. - Inverse function for Chiesel tweaked to produce less wavy surface.- retopo groups random color change fixed. Now you may edit retopo palette - Pen rotation interpolation tweaked to avoid inintial rotation of the brush - no more this - 3.05.2014 4.1.06:- Layers groups introduced. Interaction with PS completely supported.- Primitives UI essentially changed to icon-based style.- Normalmap layer may be locally magnified or reduced with Magnify tool- Text primitive supports bending, text may be conformed to surface using bending with pen click or "Conform to surface" button.- bugfixes (mentioned by BeatKitano and artman)18.04.2014 4.1.03- fixed shaders crash- Split&Joints got delta distance between joints sides- more safe cached volumes - I vanished all known ways to destroy it (it was possible for example with Resample)- Merge tool got "To main axis".16.04.2014 4.1.02- different problems related to primitives density in surface and voxel modes solved. Previously merging primitive in dence volumes took too much memory and was not stable.- UV & Retopo unwraping tool will not crash on non manifold meshes and will even try to unwrap them correctly.- importing mesh for Ptex will trigger warning dialog if there are triangles/ngons.- RMB->Extrude will work in real units as other tools- Merging new mesh in retopo room will remove alone empty uv set to avoid accamulating void unnecessary uv sets.13.04.2014 4.1.01- fixed airbrush in paint room- fixed problem of 2x lathe size- improved autopo usability, UI a bit changed. For complex shapes using of "Voxelize" recommended.- New primitive - Text.- Sketch tool problems fixed.- Merge tool + Merge as skin works in real units and draws preview.- Pick from retopo centrifies gizmo.- Undo with intersect fixed in voxel mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26.03.2014 4.0.18B- pen picks something only within work area on screen to avoid random clicks out of work area.- Edit projection in PS improved - now it supports mirrored UVs. In case of painting on both sides of mirror Coat prefers closer polygon.- several instabilities fixed.- uv-related problems fixed20.03.2014 4.0.18- Attempt to resolve "loosing pressure" issue on Wacom. It is Wacom's bug so I need to do different sort of "strange hacks" to avoid this.- Retopo groups may be treated as Objects, not as Materials (as before, but you may switch to old style in preferences). It is much more logicat, but this change requires careful check, it is potentially unsafe.- Stability of strokes shape on very curvy shapes improved - Steady Stroke AUTO OFF when press Shift key for quick smooth15.03.2014 4.0.17A- Freeze->Hide frozen areas !!!- Fixed crash in mark seams- Fixed sketch tool problems- Adjusted depth in pinxch (3x)13.03.2014 4.0.17- fixed: Decimation removes specularity!- fixed: Specular channel deleted in Proxy mode- fixed: Specular channel deleted in Proxy mode- fixed: Polygonal spline tool doesn't close- fixed: Materials In Paint Room Disappear When Inverting- fixed: "More/Less on heights" masking only works with positive heights- fixed: Changing texture size to a factor of 1:2 changes existing uvs and UVs results in streches- fixed problems with unclosed splines- fixed superlongstanding issue of GL version when depth shader are freezing depth when shadow enabled.- several important stability issues resolved- improved: Adjustable scale for palette colors/shaders4.03.2014 4.0.16B- New method of unwrapping - GU (globally ungorm unfolding) along with ABF, LSCM. It was not intended to be new feature, but idea appeared during fixing the crash in unwrap procedure.There are comparison images: _ABF_GU.gif - Crease clay completely changed. Now depth defined by depth slider and strength determined by slider. Each has pressure curve. Adaptive details algorithm specially adopted to procuce cleanest result with Crease clay.- several mantis problems fixed.26.02.2014 4.0.16- RMB menu shifted to right, items rearranged a bit to avoid random activation of commands whilesculpting.- Flattern got CTRL action similar to clay to be able to buildup among flettering sessions.- Crease clay works independently on pen's radius - extrusion is proportional to pen radius.- InstallToMenu script problem fixed- several mantis issues resolved21.02.2014 4.0.15A- Very important UI improvement. Now you may press RMB and get properties window - - Pose problems fixed.- Strokes in surf mode will be even more uniform and precise. Any bumpness removed that was possible with soft stroke mode. Brushes depth generally normalized to produce adequate result under medium depth values.- Specular works correctly in clone/smudge for vertexpainting in Paint room.- A lot of mantis problems solved16.02.2014 4.0.15- Pose tool got regular gizmo (optionally) + good bending algorithm - Pose tool got "Adjust transition area" checkbox to adjust bending area accurately without re-selecting.- several mantis fixes.2.02.2014 4.0.14C- Surface Clay modified a bit to increase predictability (now it does not lift surface)- Buildup tool changed to correspond to it's description and to be good start point for building surface.- Pose tool corrected to avoid problems of switching between FFD and regular mode.- two new specular blending modes - Overwrite and Alpha-blend. Overwrite acts only if specularity is above zero.- UI stability improved, solved several problems that may lead to crash.2.02.2014 4.0.14B- Specularity blending modes introduced- pose falloff applicable for lasso/rect selection inPose as well.- different proxy mode problems solved- camera shortcuts problems solved- several mantis problems solved25.01.2014 4.0.14A- Undo/Redo for Pose tool works correctly now- Pose tool got super important addition - selection spline profile + free form deformation strictness.- [forgot to mention in 14] Cloth relax in Retopo room to make all islands edges to be nicely corresponding to each other, important to decrease square/length trash to very minimal degree.- LiveClay-like brushes are well compatible now with boolean operations - no explosions/legs/stretched triangles on edges, no broken edges outside of pen influence.- export vector displacement accessible after baking as well.20.01.2014 4.0.14- 3D Lasso selection for freeze/vox/layer/vox extrude - see illustration - it will be extended to other tools.- Major scripting update, see manual (parametric dialogs, script - controlled strokes, retopo layers management, several examples)- General cleanup and fixing Mantis issues.29.12.2013 4.0.13- Flatten clay got to well working state. Indent and regular smoothing introduced. Now this may be really useful and powerful brush.- General brush got a lot of refinements, some sub-brushes was not working at all, now all works nicely. Regular (non - tangent) smoothing introduced there as well.- Flatten works correctly with normals sampling>100%- Picking the surface in LC-based tools fixed. It was not average point and sometimes was flying on some offset from the surface. Now it is much more predictable.- Several problems related to voxel surface transition fixed- Several mantis bugs fixed0001362 Tool preset names are not remembered by 3DC0001360 Crash when changing surface tools presets0001366 Relax in Retopo Room not functioning right w/ Symmetry on0001365 Retopo_Welding_Deletes Faces17.11.2013 4.0.12- LC-based tools polished. With new fast approach of LC color/specular will be correctly kept during all paint operations.- several Mantis problems fixed. Especially important fixes:0001327 "Pick from retopo" loads every single retopo group from the scene0001336 Vertex Paint Preview Window Bug0001339 Scene Scale Corrupts Clone Tool0001077 LiveClay creates holes6.11.2013 4.0.11- Airbrush - like tools will work even if you will paint one dot with them. First touch dot will always appear. It improves painting precission in general.- Scripting got major update. Look documentation. Generally it allows to do non-destructive modeling with primitives. It is good to create parametric hardsurface stuff. Scripts may be inserted in any top menu section. Paint layers management via script. Extended control over voxel scene.- To center mass/to bound center will work correctly for empty objects - it will take point from the summ of children.- Pivot/transform should work correctly with empty parent layers.- Several mantis problems solved29.10.2013 4.0.10- Gizmo for 2D - grid, Materials and masks- better algorithm for FFD pose deformations - should work cleaner.- More visible symmetry point.- wireframe in Edit all layers via PSD- Big amount of bugs from Mantis fixed - including critical ones, see in Mantis.- Splines improved - loading splines dialog got major improvement, now it is possible to place splines in space and import them as 3D - shapes.- export big mesh from MV/PTEX as STL allowed for 3D printing.- font updated to include all Unicode


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