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[S2E13] Last Call

For a show that spends so much time on expository dialogue (thanks for telling us exactly how under stocked the ship is, Cruz), there are times, like with the cure, where the audience is not offered a plausible explanation. The communication app was another such failure -- I was confused why they needed an app to ID McDowell until Tex was able to call the ship, and then it made sense.

[S2E13] Last Call

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Anderson agrees as his phone rings. He answers, believing it to be David. Frank is on the line instead. He reveals his capture of David and that he knows everything about their criminal actions. Anderson threatens Frank, but his words only inspire Frank to punch David. Frank offers a trade, David for Amy, believing she is being held by Pilgrim. The damning phone call ends, but Frank recorded the entire thing. David might not be responsible for anything, but he provided a strong insurance policy after all.

With their battles settles, the time comes for Frank and Amy to part ways. He sees her off at the bus station, sending her to Florida to live her dream as a marine salvager. The two joke before sharing a tearful final embrace. Amy gave Frank something to care about in this world once again while bringing Amy out of a life of darkness. She has one last question before leaving. Why did Frank come after her in that dingy Michigan bar? He brings up her original nickname for him, Rough Road, and how she looked more scared the tougher she tried to act. Frank watches Amy board the bus with a tear in his eye. When she looks back, Frank is gone.

In a flashforward, National Transportation Safety Board investigators catalog debris, including a half-burnt pink teddy bear,[a] that has fallen around the Whites' pool. Two columns of smoke rise in the distance. In the present, Jesse Pinkman wakes from his heroin-induced sleep to find Jane Margolis dead, having choked on her own vomit.[b] Horrified, Jesse contacts Walter White. Walt calls Saul Goodman, who sends a cleaner, Mike Ehrmantraut, to remove evidence of drugs from Jesse's apartment. Jane's father Donald arrives at the apartment and discovers she has died. Jesse blames himself for Jane's death and runs off to a crack house. Walt locates Jesse and takes him to a rehab clinic.

The call is a missing person situation as Zander (Alek Cole) cannot find his younger sister Penny (Vivien Lyra Blair) who has disappeared. Without her medication, Penny could have a medical emergency. The team splits up to explore the apartment complex in the hope of covering more ground. As they scour the building, Ben responds to someone shouting for help. He enters the apartment to find a woman (Jasika Nicole) performing CPR on her dad (Sam Anderson).

Speaking of which, Leon leads the knights against the dragon. Interesting, since he appearing to be about ready to piss himself the other night. Kilgarrah blasts the complete shit out of them; I imagine it was hard to withstand all that heat.

Frazzled, stressed out, and feeling completely overwhelmed, Pinkie Pie bursts into tears. The twins feel bad of what they did and manage to cheer Pinkie Pie up by telekinetically covering themselves in flour. After that, she manages to get the twins to fall asleep in Pumpkin Cake's crib.

General Sung: ( Slightly taken aback. ) Well ... uh, technically yes, but he was quickly expunged. ( Confidently. ) Nevertheless, that is why the city is named Ba Sing Se. It's the "impenetrable city". They don't call it Na Sing Se. ( Laughs, but subsequently turns serious. ) That means "penetrable city."

( The two resume work slicing the brace. With every lash of the water whip, the cut through the brace enlarges and Sokka grows more and more eager. At last, a cut is made clean through the brace, however, to their disappointment, the brace budges mere inches from its position. )

( Azula appears before the Avatar and a battle ensues between the two. Azula shoots fire blasts at Aang, who manages to block them using airbending. She continues the fire attacks only to have each one of her strikes deterred by water whips. She eventually manages to vaporize the water, sending Aang back. The two narrowly dodge the several boulders that are hurtled toward them at that moment. Aang uses earthbending and airbending to send rocks at Azula, who manages to avoid them all. Azula sends another powerful firebending assault that slams Aang into the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, leaving him unconscious. )

Waller used her old Project Cadmus contacts to launch Project Batman Beyond. Batman's DNA was obtained years previously during one of his exploits. He would sometimes be treated by emergency medical personnel; it was easy to retrieve the medical waste. She found a young couple, Warren and Mary McGinnis, that was almost an identical psychological match for Batman's father and mother. When Warren went in for what he thought was a flu shot, his reproductive DNA was overwritten by that of Batman's by nanobots. A year later, Terry was born, genetically the son of Mary McGinnis and Batman.

Taking this advice to heart, Terry returns to the Wayne Manor. After checking the time, Terry calls Dana to confirm their plans for later in the week while at the same time checking over his engagement ring, revealing he plans to propose to Dana. Once the call ends, Bruce appears and asks for Terry's whereabouts, he reveals he had "stuff" to take care of. Terry apologizes for worrying Bruce, but he dismisses his claim saying he was really worried about Gotham, while getting his medicine. However, to Bruce's surprise Terry instead helps him take his medicine and assures him that he has everything taken care of, thus sharing a moment of mostly unspoken reconciliation with Bruce. Bruce then changes the subject and mentions that Superman needs his help on a case, Terry prepares to leave to help where he shares a fatherly moment with Bruce, secretly referring to him his "old man".

Phee led the clones to a remote island and safe haven for refugees called Pabu where Omega soon made her first non-clone friend in a long time. While Phee seemed to be very strongly suggesting the crew stay and put down roots in a safe place, Hunter seemed skeptical they were out of danger.

Dr. Austin and Mina approach Dr. Bell with their findings, and mention a site called Dollars for Docs, which list every dime every doctor takes from medical device companies. Austin calls him out, Doctor to Doctor, about allowing his staff to use products that cause harm to patients. Bell decides to take Austin off all high-risk procedures, to give Austin a clean record. The second the two leave, he checks the website, finding him in the system with a 750k donation from QuoVadis. He calls Gordon Page, wanting a face to face meeting, and mentions the chances of the product being defective. He wants to see data of the safety of the valve. Gordon is resistant, bringing up a run up to their IPO. He brings up all the money he gave Bell and claims all he asks in loyalty to him, and the products.

Haruno intercepts the Service Club on their way home one afternoon and lambastes Yukino for failing to make life choices on her own despite the immense freedom the Yukinoshita family has allowed her. Yui then allows Yukino to spend the night at the Yuigahama residence until things between the Yukinoshita sisters cool down. While Komachi heads out to her Soubu Entrance Examinations the next day, Yui invites Hachiman and Yukino out to the Kasai Rinkai Park where they spend the day at the aquarium and bond over their respective personalities while observing the various aquatic life. The three then share a reaction to the bonds of a pair of penguins and Yukino makes an allusion to her strained sense of belonging. Yui eventually states the true reason she called them out and as the day draws to a close, she uses her initial Service Club request to claim responsibility for the fractured bonds between them and further requests that they continue feigning their blissful status quo. However, Hachiman interjects that it would be better to suffer in their uncertainty rather than live in a deception, and the girls decide to accept his compromise. Yukino then decides to address Hachiman's request for them to understand each other and finally confides her own request to the Service Club.

Yukino agrees to spend the night at Yui's house, and calls her sister to let her know. She repeats the exact words to Haruno that Hachiman's said to her, which surprises both him and Yui. Haruno accepts her actions, but asks to speak with Hachiman. Yukino passes the phone to Hachiman, and Haruno tells him that he is a kind person.

The new day begins with Hachiman sending Komachi off to the Soubu entrance exam, wishing her luck. He then receives a call from Yui, asking him out for a date. Hachiman reacts with surprise, but ends up going anyway.

The first trade didn't go ahead, but the group was eventually able to track down the kid thanks to a calling had by Zeke. After Pete showed his softer side and let Cal sneak out, everyone chased onto a frozen lake to get him. A rogue bolt of lightning cracked the ice, plunging Cal and the meth dealers into the water. Zeke saved Cal, but finally died of the frostbite he has been suffering with over this series of episodes. However, no sooner had he died than he came back to life.

Rake said: "Ben [Josh Dallas] deduces, sitting there in the garage with Michaela at the end of the finale, that Zeke followed the callings and survived the Death Date. Ben's going to go into Season 3 with that takeaway because it's really great news, it's optimistic news, and it's news that he urgently wants to share with every last passenger."

"That's half the equation that's going to play out throughout season three in a very suspenseful, compelling way. Then there's the mythological side of the equation. It seems like we've learned at the end of season 2: Follow the callings, survive the death day."

Toilet loudly gathers the contestants together by banging on a drumset. MePad explains that the challenge is to find gems in the recently discovered cave. When a contestant touches it, they receive instant immunity. With 6 gems and 7 contestants, the contestant who doesn't get a gem is automatically eliminated. Fan questions the two co-hosts' actions, noting they've broken a pattern and that MePhone4 is missing, though Toilet quickly hushes him as MePad commences the challenge. 041b061a72


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