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Buy Synthetic Gemstones

Gems n Gems was established in Bangkok,Thailand in 2009 as a loose gemstone supplier. We are a worldwide supplier of wholesale loose gemstones. If you are looking for gems for sale, here you can buygemstones online. The stones for sale include both natural and synthetic varieties. If your main need is for loose gemstones, we can offer gems and stones at the best prices. Our company has been very well recognized locally as we are able to supply all kinds of loose gemstones like Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic gemstones and Natural gemstones at factory prices. We have direct access to the gem-cutting factories in Bangkok, Thailand as well as in China. With not much overhead and operating costs, we are able to give our clients very competitive prices in this tough market conditions.

buy synthetic gemstones

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This is where to buy gemstones in many shapes, colors, and sizes. We can supply all kinds of loose gemstones like Cubic Zirconia, all kind of Synthetic stones, Glass stones, Semi-precious and Precious stones in all shapes and sizes. If you want something that is not listed on our website then please send us an e-mail with your requirements. We will try our best to supply you that gemstone. In addition to gemstones for sale, now we can also make jewellery in silver and 14K and 18K gold. For further information or feedback, please feel free to contact us at We shall respond to your email within 24 hours.

We hope thatyou find it easy and convenient to buy gemstones from our large collection. If you have some special requirements, we also offer custom-cut services. So if you need any specific cut/shape, please send us an e-mail with pictures.

Cabochon Gemstones are the one which is found to be cut in a certain shape with a highly polished, round and convex top with a slightly doomed base. A cabochon Gemstone can be cut in any format but still, they were found in an Oval format quite often. We provide well-cut cabochon gemstones for jewellery manufacturers and wholesale suppliers that come out with different shapes.

Imitation gemstones are lab created to replace the natural gemstones and moreover the most commonly found imitating gemstones in the market is Diamond. When it comes to diamond replication simulants like synthetic rutile or strontium titanate were used for a longer period by us.We used to term these imitation gems as synthetics since they were not a counterpart of nature. Glass and Plastic stones are the most common categories provided by us which include blue sapphire and plastic beads. We make the best use of the glass and plastic items like doublets and triplets to stimulate natural gems. We provide dedicated gemstone cuts that look similar i.e. garnet doublet looking like a ruby.

Alexandrite is one of the rarest forms of a gemstone, it belongs to Chrysoberyl family has several unique features like high durability and hardness as well. Its standard chemical property tends it to change its colour under sunlight exposure. Having a high composition of chromium alexandrite is the rarest case of Chrysoberyl gemstones when compared with titanium and iron. We deliver high-range of Alexandrite Gemstones for Jewellery manufacturers and wholesale suppliers with a long-lasting life.

Nano crystal is the new form of jewellery stone we deliver that got brewed under a high-temperature condition of 1500-1750 Celsius. We deliver high-quality nanocrystal gemstones for a varied set of jewellery manufacturers that is found to be a proper mixture of Silica, Zirconia, Alumina, Zinc, lithium and Magnesium. These homogeneous nano crystals are vastly distributed in the amorphous matrix. The homogeneous nano crystals pave the way for the formation of various physical and chemical elements like spinel, gahnite, sapphirine and other crystals..

We deliver best in class and high-quality natural gemstones for jewellery manufacturing and other commercial usages. We hold a wide range of natural gemstones that include both precious and semi-precious varieties like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and topaz. These natural gemstones are found to be minerals or organic substances which comes as highly durable, unique and long-lasting stones from our side. The natural gemstones we deliver holds similar chemical characteristics and varies with its colour and optical phenomenon. We offer the best quality and affordable natural gemstones that are available in several categories ranging from amethyst AAA to mystic topaz in the desired volume according to the demand of jewellery manufacturer.

We are the manufacturer wholesaler and retailer of Cubic zirconia, russia zirconia, cz loose stones, synthetic gem, lab created gems, zirconium, American diamond, glass gems, simulated gemstone, moissanite, Nano crystal, Natural Gemstone, cz machine cut, heart and arrow, color change, star ruby, star sapphire, chatham, imitation, pearls, hydrothermal, flex, pulled, marcasite, natural gems, red ruby, blue sapphire, emerald, citrine, garnet, peridot, amethyst, white topaz, blue topaz, mystic topaz, pink topaz, Smokey topaz, Baltic amber, green amethyst, iolite, rhodolite, tourmaline, tanzanite, opal, aquamarine, moon stone, white diamond, birth stone, silver jewelry, rough stone, fancy shape, cut stone, colour chart, alexandrite, white, rose, blue, black euro machine cut, ouma, lavender, champagne, violet, canary yellow, golden yellow, orange, olive peridot, green, brown Swiss, Morganite, Imperial, kunzite, corundum, spinel, dark, padparadschah, zircon, erinite, quartz, sample color kit, round, oval, pear, heart, octagon, baguette, marquise, square, trillion, triangle, cushion, tapper, A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA quality. We have our factory in India, China and Bangkok, Thailand.

For a new collector, gemstones are confusing and mistakes can be costly. Synthetic gemstones are sometimes passed to the unwary for natural gem prices, but they also serve a valuable place in the jewelry industry.

These gemstones are grown in laboratories or manufacturing plants, depending on the scale of the operation. Synthetic varieties of corundum, beryl, and diamond are all readily available for those wishing to go down that road.

Real emeralds, for instance, have so many inclusions that the French word jardin, or garden, is used to describe their interior. High clarity, natural emeralds have astronomical costs, but a similar synthetic stone will be much cheaper.

The most common gemstones, such as emeralds and sapphires, are readily available. You may need to dig deeper to find synthetic variants of more exotic stones like differently colored beryl or color-changing sapphire.

The easiest one is simply quality. The majority of synthetic gemstones are very high quality. They have the kind of clarity and coloration that would be legendary in a natural stone. Rubies may be a deep blood red without a hint of inclusions, aquamarines take on a bright blue rarely found in nature, emeralds entirely lack a jardin.

Diamonds are a whole different ball game. As the hardest substance on earth and one of the most valued gemstones, the rush to sell lab-created diamonds as real is a big problem. People specialize their entire career simply in identifying and selling these stones.

Synthetic stones are much used at the lower end of the market. They provide an inexpensive alternative to their real counterparts. Synthetics such as sapphire and ruby are actually man-made corundum, sharing the same hardness and refractive indices as the genuine article, whereas synthetic spinel is used as alternative to aquamarine and has totally different characteristics.

Because it is so inexpensive and is so hard wearing the most popular synthetic stone in use today is cubic zirconia. We keep in stock a full range of the following colours: white, pink, yellow, amethyst (purple), lavender, orange, blue, green, tanzanite, peridot, champagne, black and brown.See the Cubic Zirconia page.

We also keep a large range of synthetics in stock: synthetic corundum (ruby, sapphire, alexandrite), synthetic spinel (aquamarine and dark blue) and synthetic opal. We also hold a stock of European cut synthetics and Alpinites (green hard mass glass)

Synthetic gemstones are often crafted to the "ultimate" gemstone ideals like exceptional clarity, colour and size, and are sold at a far more affordable price for the mass-market. To gemstone snobs, this reduces the exclusivity of the gem, but for the growing market of millennials, synthetic gemstones have become far more attractive in price and ethics than a natural gemstone.

One of the most common synthetic gemstones are cultured Pearls. Cultured Pearls originate on oyster farms, where an irritating sediment is placed within an Oyster shell and this is where the Pearl develops. Cultured Pearls are designed to have the perfectly spherical shape, which is why they are sought after in smart and sophisticated dress.

In natural gemstones, there is also the category of organic and inorganic gems. Organic gemstones are those that are produced by living organisms, such as Pearl, Amber, Ivory, and Coral, whereas, inorganic gemstones are those that are formed as minerals and and under natural conditions like Diamonds, Sapphires, Amethysts and everything else in between!

Now, here is the nitty gritty part, should you buy a synthetic gemstone or natural gemstone? As can be expected, there are pros and cons to buying either, especially new gems straight from the market. To make this a little simpler for yourself, here is our trusted buying guide to synthetic and natural gemstones.

However, there is also another way we judge the quality of a piece - price. Synthetic gemstones are far more affordable than natural gemstones, which is why people may also perceive them to be of poorer quality, when actually this is not the case. This naturally leads us onto our next point:

Sometimes you just need to be realistic about how much you earn and what you can likely afford, with synthetic gemstones, you are getting more bang for your buck! In many ways, synthetic gemstones are making gems far more affordable for those on lower incomes and democratising gems for the masses. Of course, for many, they view the inherent value of the gemstone within its exclusivity and rarity, as gemstones are an emotional purchase rather than one of need. 041b061a72


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