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"Shetland" Episode 5.5(2019) ((LINK))

Created ByAnn CleevesCountryScotlandProduction CompanyITV StudiosBroadcast ByBBC OneGenreCrime DramaFirst Aired10 March 2013Number of SeriesSeven - Series 8 has begun filmingShetland is a Scottish crime drama television series made by ITV Studios for the BBC and broadcast on BBC One. The first episode was broadcast on 10 March 2013.The show is based upon the Shetland Island novels by Ann Cleeves, with the first 2 series being direct adaptations of 4 of her books. Later series utilized the same characters and settings, but were original stories not based on the novel series. The series was brought to screen by David Kane, who has remained a principal writer through all five series.

"Shetland" Episode 5.5(2019)

The episodes take place largely on the eponymous Scottish archipelago, although much of the series' filming takes place on the Scottish mainland, with only some location filming actually taking place on Shetland. 041b061a72


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