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Where Can I Buy Gold Coins Locally

Despite the convenience of online dealers, many customers prefer to shop at local coin shops for their precious metal needs. There can be a number of reasons why people choose to purchase their gold and silver locally. For some, making their purchase in person adds an extra level of security. For others, it saves them time and shipping expenses. There are even those who visit these shops for the sense of community. However, while we respect the varied needs and preferences of the individual, we would like to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing precious metals locally.

where can i buy gold coins locally

When you purchase gold or silver locally, there is no need to concern yourself with any of the potential problems associated with the online shipping and handling process. Being able to take your purchases with you ensures that your investment will be carefully handled since you yourself will be responsible for getting them home safely. It also provides you with immediate access to your purchases rather than having to wait for its arrival in the mail. Lastly, self-transport also spares you from the shipping and insurance expenses commonly charged by online dealers, though here at JM Bullion we offer free shipping on orders over $99 and insurance on all orders.

One of the main disadvantages of purchasing gold and silver locally is the lack of privacy. Once seen shopping or leaving your local coin shop with a package, others will know that you likely own some form of gold and/or silver bullion. This knowledge could lead you to become the target of theft or burglary. Customers leaving such establishments with gold or silver should never leave their purchases unattended in the open or in their car. Customers of local coin shops should consider purchasing a safe and storing your precious metals in secure place, or explore the option of storing your gold and silver in a safety deposit box.

Another major drawback to purchasing gold or silver locally is the limited product selection. Due to the constraints of a physical storefront, the selection of precious metal products is often restricted to how much merchandise can fit in the display cases and in the storage rooms. And unlike online dealers that cater to a broad clientele, local coin shops must also limit their selection to the tastes and preferences of their regular customers since they neither have the space or budget to spare on items that cannot produce profits. It is also worth noting that most local shops obtain some of their merchandise secondhand from individuals wishing to sell their valuables for money, as opposed to the mints and distributors themselves. As a result, many items sold at local shops are in used condition.

The most obvious difference between these two establishments is convenience. With local coin shops, customers are bound to a specific location, which they must physically visit in order to make their purchase. In addition, customers who decide to make their purchases locally will find their shopping restricted to the prescribed business hours of that particular store. In contrast, online dealers are available 24 hours a day and can be accessed from anywhere, which means that customers are free to shop and make their purchases without any location and time constraints.

As in the case of gold and silver purchases, customers who intend to buy copper and platinum will benefit more from making their purchases online than at a local coin shop. Purchasing copper and platinum from an online vendor entitles them to the same advantages offered on online gold and silver orders such as easier accessibility, better pricing and more privacy. Furthermore, at JM Bullion, the transaction process remains the same regardless of which precious metals the customer chooses to purchase. While we respect the individual preferences of our customers, we would like to warn customers who intend to purchase copper and platinum locally that the availability of these precious metals will be dependent on the specific inventory of each coin shop.

Golden Isles Coin in Raleigh offers a wide range of coins including U.S. and foreign coins, paper currency, modern commemoratives, gold and silver bullion, collecting supplies, and safes. A PCGS and NGC authorized dealer, Golden Isles buys precious metals and coins from individuals; the website offers a complete list of products they purchase.

Carolina Silver & Gold, also known as J & F Rubenstein, specializes in rare world coins, including treasure coins and Central and Latin American coins. They offer appraisals and actively buy gold and silver bullion, as well as U.S. and world coins and currency.

Stevenson Rare Coins is an Asheville coin dealer specializing in rare U.S. and foreign coins, currency, gold, silver, and collecting supplies. They offer appraisal services and are an NGC and PCGS authorized dealer.

Hyatt Coin Shop also buys and sells gold, silver, and platinum bullion and scrap. They are NGC and PCGS authorized dealers, and many of their coins and coin collecting supplies can be purchased through the Hyatt Coins website.

Purchasing gold and silver bullion -- whether in the form of coins, bars, or rounds -- is a prudent decision for investors and wealth protectors alike. The Federal Reserve continues to issue huge numbers of debt backed instruments, called Federal Reserve Notes (or their electronic equivalent), thereby devaluing each unit already in existence and levying the most insidious of taxes, the hidden inflation tax.

Many gold buyers enjoy the freedom of buying gold online, where there are no intrusive sales representatives and they can shop when, where, and how they want. Some gold buyers appreciate that online, they can:

If you contact Abe Mor directly, they are willing to give a better rate for larger purchases of gold like bullion or coins. These days, online gold bullion buyers will usually provide a quote based on the weight of gold that you want to sell, then provide an address for you to send the gold via an insured, track and trace delivery service. Some also work with local partners at which you can drop off the gold.

Selling your gold online will usually get you the best price, especially compared to selling it to a local pawn shop or jewelry store. We recommend using the following tips to get the best deal on your gold jewelry, coins or other items:

There are certain sales tax exemptions in place when you buy silver and gold in Florida. Purchases of silver, gold, and platinum bullion are free of sales tax if the total purchase price is $500 or greater. If you buy less than $500 of precious metals bullion at a time, you must pay the Florida state sales tax of 6%. Also exempted from sales taxes are coins and currency, as long as the items in question possess legal tender status. Tokens, medallions, and other numismatic collectibles that do not have legal tender status are not exempt under the law. Local and county sales and use taxes on such purchases can increase the overall tax rate.

Orlando Coin Exchange is a large coin dealer, and widely considered one of the best coin dealers in Florida. With a selection for all types of buyers, from beginners to high-end investors, Orlando Coin charges low premiums on many of their coins and precious metals bullion products. They offer free appraisals, conduct grading submission servivces, and sell coin collecting supplies. Orlando Coin also helps coin collectors track down rare and hard to find coins through their extensive dealer network. They actively buy gold and silver bullion from the Florida public, so their selection is always changing.

A-Coin carries an impressive range of both numismatic and non-numismatic collectibles, including rare coins, stamps, firearms, antiques, ancient coins, postcards, and much more. They maintain a website where they list the items of interest that they are willing to buy, including gold and silver bullion, world coins, high-end graded US coins, proof coins, and silver dollars. You need to visit their Jacksonville storefront to see their full range of products, as the selection constantly changes. Current gold and silver spot prices are also posted in their store.

Since 2001, the Westminster Mint has produced a range of gold rounds and silver rounds, both with a fineness of .999. In addition to these locally-manufactured bullion rounds, the Westminster Mint also functions as a retailer, carrying a wide range of platinum, palladium, gold, and silver bars, coins, and rounds from around the world. Included in their store offerings are American Eagles, South African Gold Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, silver bars and rounds, Gold Britannias, Silver Kookaburras and Koalas, and much more. They are known for having low silver and gold price premiums. The Westminster Mint has a website which displays product pricing, along with current silver and gold spot prices.

You can visit the Park Avenue Numismatics website to view some of their huge inventory of certified coins and rare coins. Also listed are current silver and gold spot prices, as Park Avenue buys and sells silver and gold bullion, as well. They even help set up Precious Metals IRAs, for buyers looking to invest in gold and silver tax-free IRAs.

The central bank disbursed 2,000 coins to commercial banks on Monday. The first batch of the coins was minted outside the country but eventually they will be produced locally, according to the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Mangudya.

The coins, each weighing one troy ounce with a purity of 22 carats, can also be used as security for loans and credit facilities, said the central bank. The price of the coins will be determined by the international market rate for an ounce of gold, plus 5% for the cost of producing the coin. At the time of the launch Monday, the cost of Mosi oa Tunya coin was $1,824.

The central bank governor John Mangudya said in a statement on Monday that the coins will be available for sale from July 25 in local currency, US dollars, and other foreign currencies at a price based on the prevailing international price of gold and the cost of production. 041b061a72


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