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Buy Samsung Note 2

We can always count on Samsung to make a great phablet -- and even if the Galaxy S23 Ultra isn't marketed as one, it might as well be. This is the largest of the three new smartphones -- larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max even -- with a 6.8-inch display. In true phablet fashion, the S23 Ultra also comes with an embedded S Pen for quick notes and a bevy of multitasking features, like its S22 Ultra predecessor.

buy samsung note 2


Whenever you feel the need to take down notes urgently, click the S-Pen and tap the screen twice so the Popup Note feature will appear. This wonderful feature allows you to do anything such as writing down directions, phone numbers, important details or even drawing a map. This function can also be utilised during a call. Not only that, there is a split screen function that gives you the freedom to use two applications at the same time. In short, you can do two types at the same time without having to go around looking for a pen and paper. 041b061a72


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